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Business Directive IT Infrastructure – Our story

Today is a joyous occasion and I am so grateful to introduce my own company to you. With an excess of 30 years’ personal experience in Recruitment, Management, Strategic Management and Services Management, accompanied by a team with an abundance of expertise themselves, I have absolute confidence that you will find yourself in good hands.


Business Directive IT Infrastructure specializes in the IT sector. We pride ourselves in our Recruitment Strategies and have access to major databases. Most of us are very well known in the market ourselves as we have build up personal relationships with so many in the IT industry. We have also recognized the need for resourceful skills in the management of IT Field Services and will be able to man and maintain large proportions of your staffing in the field in a very short time.


We are well-able and understand the need for excellent staff, excellent screening criteria when we recruit and have in-depth knowledge of the full Industrial Relations function in the field so that you never have to be concerned about labour relations issues.   We have learned how important it is to build not only a team of people, but let the team run as a healthy unit, with great leadership.

Through careful planning and with a destination in mind, you can lead your team to do great things - Miskyah Toth

We invite you to walk this new and exciting path with us. Without people who support us and guide us onto our next venture, we would never be able to grow.


At Business Directive IT Infrastructure we are all about growth, whether it’s your career, your company or your staff. We are so much more than a Recruitment Company!

Allow us to lead you to Greatness!

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